Club 86 Recordings

Club 86 Recordings is an independent record label whose aim is to release high end quality recordings.The team behind the label is young, however well established in the scene. With an experience of almost one decade in dj'ing and producing Club 86 Recordings is set to make a real impact to the scene. The music industry is going through hard times, but we are aware of these changes and the opportunities they offer at the same time. Club86 Recordings has gathered a pool of new ideas and we envision a bright future - against all odds. Come, join and share our musical REVOLUTION.

Krut - Addiction OUT NOW!

Krut is back on Bullbeat Recordings delivering another gem! Krut's first release on Bullbeat called Circle was a huge success and we expect nothing less from his new tune here called Addiction. Addiction is a dark groovy house monster ready to destroy every dance-floor out there! Definitely a must have for every DJ!

Johny S - Fun And Games OUT NOW!

Johny S delivers once again. A massive funky house tune with some super cool jazzy elements added for your listening pleasure! Definitely a party banger that will get your crowd going no matter where or when you drop it.

FunkyDee - Lounge It Up OUT NOW!

FunkyDee is back on Bullbeat Recordings after a small hiatus delivering a great house tune called Lounge It Up! Funky synth work together with that nifty bassline makes this a must have track to any DJ out there. Definitely one for the bag!

Club 86 Recordings: Best Of 2015 OUT NOW!

Club 86 Recordings Best Of 2015 is packet with the biggest tunes from chill-out to banging electro house.

Incl. tracks by: Burdan, Chantola, Kiilto, Fox Murder, Amo R, Mark One & Kevin Shawn, Slamranx, Ninth Floor and many many more. Definitely one for the bag!

Horstenbacher - California Gold OUT NOW!

Horstenbacher is back with a beauty. Very medodic song with strong beat to back it up. The hook of the chorus will stick in your mind and you find yourself humming this one later on. Very catchy and quality tune overall. Get it now!

Chantola & Johny S - Caramba OUT NOW!

Chantola & Johny S? Result? Caramba!! Unbelievable swing on this one! Your head will be spinning a long time after hearing this one. Massive effect on the audience on the clubs. There’s no other way to put it… a must have!

Jeff The Jacker - All I Want Is The Bass OUT NOW!

All I Want Is The Bass is a huge Tech-House track by Jeff The Jacker. True club monster here. This song will bring down the house for sure with massive bassline and hypnotic melodies. Get yours right away!

Chantola - Es Vedra OUT NOW!

Chantola has another big one here, Es vedra is groovy Tech-House bomb with nice melodic additions to top it up. Very solid production and fits perfectly to club floors! Get it now!

Kantholz - Motel Star OUT NOW!

Kantholz - Motel Star brings ridiculous groove to the mix. You are jamming along this one before you even know it. Very good melodic sections added to this one to balance out this high voltage groove beast. This is one of those songs you just need to have, so get yours now.

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