Club 86 Recordings

Club 86 Recordings is an independent record label whose aim is to release high end quality recordings.The team behind the label is young, however well established in the scene. With an experience of almost one decade in dj'ing and producing Club 86 Recordings is set to make a real impact to the scene. The music industry is going through hard times, but we are aware of these changes and the opportunities they offer at the same time. Club86 Recordings has gathered a pool of new ideas and we envision a bright future - against all odds. Come, join and share our musical REVOLUTION.


Club 86 Recordings Miami 2014 OUT NOW!

Club 86 Recordings Miami 2014 brings you the hottest progressive grooves around featuring Mikko Lahti, Burdan, Kantholz, Tommy Court, Neo Neo, Jay Fish and many many more...


Club Tunes 2013 OUT NOW!

Get your ultimate collection of the biggest records this season! Tracks by Johny S, Spiritus & Asper, Kalukenberg, Kantholz, Healium, Jay Fish, Kiilto and many many more.


Releazed - Obsession OUT NOW!

Releazed are here. Their first track is melodic trance that will mesmerize you. Its euphonic arpeggio on top of its ample bassline will render you spellbound. It will be your new Obsession.


New sub label launched!

New sub label called Tiger Tycoon launched. The label's main focus will be on all things trance and progressive.

The first release will be out soon! "Salos & Jicera - Indoor Wave"

Chantola - I Bring My Own Background Music 003 Online

Chantola - IBMOBM 003 Online. 1 hour mix with the finest tech house and techno tracks.
Listen to the mix here:

IBMOBM 003 Tracklist:

Club 86 Recordings Youtube Channel

Check out our youtube channel with more than 140 videos online at the moment. We will be adding content all the time so don't forget to subscribe also.

Visit our channel here:

Kajis - Baritone Release 02.04.2013

"Baritone" is a progressive tune filled with melodic elements and the lovely sounds of a semi-synthetic acoustic baritone guitar.

Beatport exclusive 02.04.2013, Worldwide 16.04.2013

PRE-ORDER Jay Fish - Everyone Understands The Bass Album!

Artist: Jay Fish
Album title: Everyone Understands The Bass
Release Date: 19.03.13 Beatport Exclusive, 02.04.13 Worldwide
Label: Tesno Records

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