Club 86 Recordings

Club 86 Recordings is an independent record label whose aim is to release high end quality recordings.The team behind the label is young, however well established in the scene. With an experience of almost one decade in dj'ing and producing Club 86 Recordings is set to make a real impact to the scene. The music industry is going through hard times, but we are aware of these changes and the opportunities they offer at the same time. Club86 Recordings has gathered a pool of new ideas and we envision a bright future - against all odds. Come, join and share our musical REVOLUTION.

Chantola - Body Thing OUT NOW!

Chantola is here again with another big Tech House song called Body Thing. The Original Mix is for the most parts quite typical top quality Chantola sound with maybe a bit more melodies what we are used to. Athmosphere is also kind of floaty on this one but it works very well. Jeff The Jacker Remix keeps the touch of the original mix together but turns the sound more minimalistic and just more Techno. Strong release here, get yours!

Fox Murder - Smooth Spirit OUT NOW!

Fox Murder presents: Smooth Spirit EP. Original Mix is a strong House track with crazy groove and nice summer vibes in the melody section. Also couple of good vocal clips bring some atmosphere to this one. Quality production and well balanced mix overall. Johny S Remix is a bit deeper sounding and more minimalistic masterpiece also top quality. These two versions make this EP whole and also a bit versatile since you can pick your favorite for the occasion.

Chantola - Pineapple Cherokee OUT NOW!

Chantola presents you Pineapple Cherokee with tropical atmosphere, smooth bassline and nifty synthwork. This is pretty much your perfect melodic summer track that will get your party going anywhere, anytime! Get yours now!

Johny S - Right After / Cool Kids EP OUT NOW!

Very nice EP release from Johny S here. The first track called Right After is well balanced House track with very smooth but strong bassline on the bottom and nifty pluck melodies on top. Drives like crazy. Another piece of this EP is a club hit called Cool Kids, which will make people fill the floors for sure! Overall this EP is packed with positive vibes and high quality club tunes! Don't miss out on this one!

Chantola, Salos & Jicera - The Lights OUT NOW!

The Lights is a catchy club jam by Chantola, Salos & Jicera. This trio has joined forces to put a high end touch on this baby. You can bang this one in the clubs or play it on terraces, on a boat, at the house parties or where ever you want, it just works! Pro quality, fresh sounds and nifty rhythms make sure you will want to play this over and over again. Get yours!

Johny S - Shores Of Helsinki OUT NOW!

Johny S - Shores Of Helsinki is a brilliant summer tune. Packed with positive sun drenched beats and melodies this one is your ultimate choice for chillin' at the pool or in a beach bar. Definitely one for the bag!

NiQW - Old School (Incl. Lardo Remix OUT NOW!

NiQW presents: Old School! Nifty beats with a catchy old school house piano riff jamming like a funky bear! Very good positive vibe and you can almost smell the summer in this one! Lardo takes a little more clubbier road with his remix, turning Old School into a real banger! You don’t wanna miss this one out!

Cool Kids Listen To House Promo Mix by Chantola

After series of hugely succesful "Cool Kids Listen To House" parties held in Turku, Chantola delivers an 1 hour long mix capturing the musical atmosphere of the events. This far we have had Jori Hulkkonen, Michael Cassette & NiQW spinnin the decks alongside Chantola. Expect many more great parties to happen in the near future!

Ocaso Púrpura Releases Debut Single On Pompano Beach!

Ocaso Púrpura's Olas de la Barceloneta is a soft sounding chill-out piece with amazing melodies. If you really focus on listening to this one it will stop the world around you. Very emotional and colourful melodies and top notch production quality. Original mix being a more acoustic style, the Wavescale Remix brigns you a bit more wet and deeper touch still saving the gentle feeling and melodies of the original. Both of these mixes are top quality and one of the best chill-out releases this year! You want to check these out!

Slamranx Feat. Thilia - Famous OUT NOW!

Slamranx Feat. Thilia - Famous is a giant big room banger enhanced with the hottest vocals out there! It feels like Godzilla came to town for some big ass party! This song is meant to fill the floors and it's not just your everyday EDM freight train... You run into this type of material maybe once a year! Trust me, you dont want to miss out on this baby! Party time!

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